Clearing made clear

Clearing with Guaranteed Accommodation

This year Staffordshire University are going to do something brand new to us, we’re opening our Clearing line for 36 hours straight! My usual caffeine addiction will go into overdrive during this period. It sounds crazy – but actually it’s brilliant! How many times I think I’ve laid in bed, unable to sleep because something is on my mind….

Grumpy Mule coffee sign in the Brindley building

Well exams and results maybe running through yours. So if you need advice you can call us. We will be here to listen and give you the best possible advice we can.  All night we’ll be here to answer any of your questions about Clearing and courses and to put your minds at rest.

It’s a stressful time of year for everyone, the longest night of your life maybe! (PS being there for students at Staffordshire University doesn’t stop when our Clearing lines close).

Clearing with Guaranteed Accommodation

Whether your grades are better, worse or you fancy a career change our Clearing Experts are going to be on hand all day and night waiting for you, and even our Reslife team at accommodation are going to be open early and late for if you have questions for them.

Campus and Accommodation tours, as coming through clearing we are guaranteeing you university approved accommodation are going to be running too! You can call and book ahead or simply turn up to the Brindley building between 10:00 and 16:00 and either myself or one of the student ambassadors will show you everything Staffordshire University has to offer and tell you all about life here!

picture of the Brindley building taken from the outside

We have our Clearing Experts on hand already answering questions and queries via email and phone if you want to chat in advance. The number is 0800 590 830. But over this two day period its going to be busy, so if we take a little while please bear with us.



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