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The transition from college or sixth form to uni can be a big one, especially if you’re moving away from home. There are sooo many differences between being at school and being at university, so here are the biggest ones that stuck out for me — the good, and the bad.

No more uniforms.


You get wear to what you want, when you want. You can even show up in your pyjamas if you want. You’ll be teased, but you’ll be comfy.

You get to move out!


If you’re commuting, that’s a big difference too, but if you leaving home — well, how can there be a bigger change than that?

No more ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss.’


Your lecturers have first names and you can use them. You’re colleagues now, adults — for the most part.

Your grades are different.


You don’t have that simple A B C grade system anymore, you’ve got firsts, 2.1’s, 2.2’1, thirds, and they all depend on a percentage — 40% is pass. 70% is a first. And you thought UCAS points were crazy.

You have to learn to take care of a house.


Sink stinks? Sheets need washing? Floor needs mopping? Even with accommodation cleaners, it’s still your job to clean up after yourself. Adulting is fun, huh?

You have to learn to take care of you.


You can’t just cook up spaghetti on toast every night. Or you can but like, don’t tell your mum about it. Don’t tell her about all the Domino’s, either.

You make friends from all over the place.


Literally all over the place: cross-course, cross-campus, cross-country. From Aberdeen to Australia, there’s going to be a huge range of people.

The work is . . . much harder.


Uni is uni for a reason, and earning a degree isn’t easy. The step up in workload from college or sixth form can be crazy.

You have to be able to learn on your own.


If there’s research you need, a theory you have to look into, or case studies that’ll help your assignment, you have to be able to find them. Lecturers can point you in the right direction, but they can’t do the work for you

Don’t fret though, because . . .

You’re going to have an amazing time.


New friends, new home, your own rules and a brand new path, where you’ll be building the first blocks of your career. Dream big, and work hard, and the next three years will go by faster than you can imagine.


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