What does 2017 hold for Staffs and me?

2016 was a very interesting ride with ups and downs but 2017 has the possibility to be an awesome year with lots to do in and around staffs I’m not going to be bored. So, what’s going on in the Staffordshire area to look forward to?
  • More awesome nights out on campus with loads of fun and creative themes at gobble, guests at Mukky and plenty of fun events happening in Hanley such carnage (16th February) which keep your evenings busy!
  • This year is an amazing year for cinema with Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Fast and furious 8, countless Marvel and DC movies and then a personal fave that I have been years for Saw:Legacy. If you’re like me and you find yourself drawn to the cinema a lot I’d recommend getting into the Cineworld unlimited scheme unlimited cinema for £17.40 a month, it’ll save you tonnes and with the added discounts it gets you at food outlets you’ll love it
  •  March is coming fast and with that means the Theme Park season is soon starting, Alton Towers for another season and more fun n escapism to be had, for theme park nerds or anyone interested in engineering/construction it’ll be full of watching the new ride code name SW8 being constructed which always exciting there is something fascinating with watching a major ride being built.
  • For those reading this who aren’t at university yet here’s one for you, this year Staffordshire University is holding a try uni out trial called UniLife 2017 where for 3 days you can experience uni life staying in the halls, see the facilities and really see what it’s like to live away from home. Here’s a link so you can check it out yourself and apply.
For me personally 2017 hold many exciting experiences I’m going to see many live acts including Pet Shop Boys, Adele and Kaiser Chiefs all of which I am incredibly excited for. I hope to travel more of the UK and see something on the bucket list, I’d also at some point like to experience or get up close to the Flying Scotsman which takes back to the rails this year which is brilliant to see a bit of British heritage being reborn. After reading this back and even whilst typing it I’ve surprised myself with how interesting this year will be, so my advice is don’t get bogged down with all the hard, tough and depressing stuff you may have to face and think of the positives for this year and look forward to life!



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Hi, I'm Zach - your typical Yorkshire lad. I chose Staffs because of the links to Engineering, and because of Alton Towers (I live and breathe roller-coasters!). I'm also pretty obsessed with sport, and spend my spare time watching football, rugby, F1 and BTCC. My dream career will be to work for Bentley Motors; it combines my love on engineering and cars! I'm most proud of my car, I take so much pride in it!

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