Spend a little. Save a lot. – Managing money at university

When it comes to university, arguably one of the hardest aspects is managing your money, here’s some tips and tricks I’ve picked up that can hopefully help you!

Accept your limitations:

Now the first step is all about mentality. You have to accept your limitations. Most students can’t afford the latest fashions and tech on a regular basis, or going out every single night. So, you have to pace yourself, naturally you can treat yourself every so often, but don’t go out every night and don’t constantly impulse buy.

Look for discounts, student discounts and rollbacks:

When you do go shopping, be sure to look for discounts. They’re everywhere and like any good hunter, a bargain hunter can learn where to look. Several shops do student discounts, a quick search will normally let you know. As well as this, most grocery and general shops have roll backs where specific items have a massive price drop, these are great for saving money on getting the essentials, so that you can have more freedom in your day to day.

But you also have to know when to walk away from a deal. In some shops you can pull together a better meal for less than the meal deal offers they have. So, it is always important to look around and check prices to make sure you get the best deal for you.

Loyalty Cards:

Loyalty cards are a lifesaver!

Loyalty cards are a loyal companion to any shopper, especially a student. You can build up points which allow you to have goods at a discounted rate and sometimes buy things outright. They are a must have for anyone looking to save.

It’s important to socialize and keep your variety in your life, but it’s also important not to break the bank as you do it. Maybe there’s events on and going out is cheap as chips or maybe sometimes it’s better for everyone to just go around someone’s house. The important thing is time spent together not money spent together and hopefully this guide has helped you understand how best to save so you can do more with less.

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