What to do in Hanley at Winter

Winter can be a hard time as a student. There isn’t always much readily available to do and the cold can sap your energy if exposed for too long. But fear not! Here’s just some of the things you can get up to in Hanley during winter!

Unit 1 Skate Park 

Unit 1 Skate Park

In Hanley there is an indoor skate park that allows you to Ollie and grind to your hearts content! It’s open everyday but Wednesday and the exercise plus it being indoors will keep you from feeling the chill!

Gladstone Pottery Museum and Potteries

Nearby there is a museum dedicated to the history of Stoke-On-Trent’s pottery, there’s even a massive café within! So if you want to soak up some history and get some hot food, here is the place to be! Plus, with the Potteries also available, you’ve got plenty of choice!

Stoke Staffs Amateur Boxing Club

Amateur Boxing Club

A few corners away is a boxing gym. You can come here to learn all about the prime time partial art. Like the skateboarding, it’s a good way to keep fit and stay warm, while you learn a thing or two!

City Central Library

Speaking of learning, near the centre of Hanley is the library. Head here for their massive collection of books and other materials. A great option if you’re short of something to read while you get cosy.

Escape Stoke

Escape Stoke

Also close to the centre is Hanley’s Escape Room. Here you can challenge you and your friends wits and problem solving skills as you try to undo the puzzles in this big game of strategy. It’s a blast, and inside out of the cold too!

Warhammer Games


Another game you can play is Warhammer. There’s a shop by the centre of Hanley where you can buy and play a variety of tabletop and card games. They range in depth and length, so anyone from beginners to experts can jump in, pick up and play a game.

Victoria Hall – Theatre

Victoria Hall

As well as this, right by the bus station is the theatre! They hold plays, pantomimes and dance. So if you want to get some more passive entertainment and support the arts, give it a go.

Winter Fair

The Winter Fair

Finally, right across the street from the theatre is the Winter Fair. This contains rides and stalls, a great place to pick up goodies and catch your thrills instead of a cold! Head on over soon, as it’s only here during winter!

Hopefully, this will provide you with some fun and entertainment during winter here at Staffs, without getting too chilly!

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