Queenie in her prom dress

A University throwback

February 4, 2016 Queenie 0

New year is always about looking forward and leaving the past behind. But over the past few days I have found myself looking back at my Instagram posts. They act as a life time line […]

Jaz profile picture

New Year, New Me?

February 3, 2016 Jaz 0

Hello! Okay, I didn’t want to be the one using the cliché line ‘New Year, New Me’ however after seeing it sprawled across my social media… I had to have a go. I do hope […]

Virgin Train at Stoke-on-Trent station

The Return To University…

February 1, 2016 Rebecca 0

After taking four weeks away from university for the Christmas holidays it was a little difficult to come back. Living 200 miles away from home can be difficult, especially in the first year and with […]

No Picture

My Holidays in Amsterdam.

February 1, 2016 Annrose 0

For the Christmas holiday I went to Amsterdam to visit my family and some friends. I always love going there during the holidays since I really feel like I am home.  I did a lot […]

Christmas and New Year

January 29, 2016 Emma 0

Usually most students enjoy having three to four weeks off over the Christmas and New Year period, and go home. With this being my last ‘Christmas holiday’ as a student I was looking forward to […]

Fireworks above a city skyline

A New Year

January 5, 2016 Charlize 0

We’re finally in 2016 and wow has it come quick! It seems like only yesterday I was in my first year of University and now I’m only a few months away from the end. 2015 […]

Jaz and Rebecca in LRV

An Open Letter to Everyone

January 2, 2016 Jaz 0

“I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams” Hello, There comes a time in your life where you have the opportunity to choose the […]

No Picture

The First Semester…

January 1, 2016 Rebecca 0

As the first semester draws to a close and I begin to pack everything away to go home for the christmas holidays I thought I would talk about what my first semester at university has […]

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