Top Tips For Virtual Interview Success


5 Tips for (Virtual) Interview Success!

Since the pandemic, we have all had to adapt to newer ways of communicating—with family, friends, and potential employers. For landing a new job, first impressions have always been important, but it is now even more important to show your best self through your digital screen. So, how do you do that? Here are the top 5 tips to ensure that you are ready to ace your next virtual interview!

1: Prep your Tech. ⚙️

While you may be fully prepared to talk about your qualifications and work experience, what good would that be if your connection cut-out midway during a great conversation? Here are some things to look out for before your interview:

  • Have an ethernet cable plugged in to avoid any unwanted disruptions.
  • Rehearse the interview with a friend to ensure your camera, microphone, and connection are working sufficiently.
  • Before your interview, silence your phone, close irrelevant tabs, and try to reschedule any deliveries for a later time.
  • Add your interview’s time and date into your calendar so that you are ready on time.

2: Dress the Part. ?

Whilst the interview may take place in your bedroom, make sure you have taken the steps to dress out of your comfy pyjamas and into something more formal and appropriate.

There are usually one of three main types of dress-code suggested for the interview (research the company’s dress-code beforehand):

  • Professional
  • Business-Casual
  • Smart-Casual

Making this effort will show that you care for the role, whilst bringing a sense of normality to the virtual interview. There is also a science to it: researchers have found that dressing the part improves your focus, productivity, and performance, so it is a win-win situation for both you and the employer!

3: Look Around You! ?

Working from home has brought about memorable and viral videos and news articles, but whilst it is funny and relatable, it is best to remove those distractions for your interview. Not only will a quiet and clean background look professional, but it will also show the employer that you have an environment where you can work well in and will not be distracted by.

Look around your space and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there any offensive or inappropriate objects in the background?
  • How would I feel if I saw my that in my interviewer’s background?

If you can add a ‘background filter’ which looks professional in your interview, use it if you feel you cannot alter your space yourself. The ‘blur’ effect or a simple office background effect will be appropriate. Do not put any inappropriate filters on your camera.

Also, whilst it is hard to control background noise, do your best to find a quiet space with a good connection. Invest in some soundproof headphones, so that you can focus on the interview. The headphones will also reduce any feedback sound.

4: The “Virtual” Handshake ?

During your interview, it will be tricky for your interviewer to read your body language, so it is important to recreate an authentic experience as best you can. In an in-person interview, it is important to maintain eye contact, so look up at the camera to show that you are attentive, approachable, and friendly. Also, show that you are passionate about the position by smiling and sitting up straight.

After your interview, send a quick ‘thank you’ email to your interviewer to show that you appreciate them giving you their time. You could also ask a quick question about the role that you forgot to ask during your interview to show more interest in the position.

5: Be Prepared!?

Now that you have the right space, outfit and technology for your interview, the best tip is saved for last: be prepared!

  • Thoroughly research the company you would like to work for. The interviewer would love to see that you care about the company and that you took the time and effort to decide that the job is right for you too.
  • Write some notes that would be useful for the interview. Also, prepare any documents or relevant portfolio required for the interview beforehand.
  • Let your lovely personality shine through. Do not be too scripted, so that it hinders your character and wonderful qualities. Your interviewer wants to see how well you will gel with the team, so stay professional and friendly.


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