Top 5 Life Hacks for Remote Working

Top 5 Life Hacks for Remote Working

Since the pandemic, the UK government has advised us to stay at home and to work from home if we can. Now that we must adjust to fresh ways of learning and working, it may seem overwhelming. Even if you were working remotely before, lockdown has brought everyone unique hurdles, so here are our top five life hacks to help boost productivity at home.


Dedicate a Workspace. ?️

In this study, 80% of young professionals admit to working from bed—who can blame them? But just think about this: why would you want your cosy, warm bed to be associated with work? It is a shudder-inducing thought indeed.

Choose an area, ideally not in the bedroom, where you can study and work. Perhaps there is a room with a lot of good artificial light and warmth? It may even be the living room or kitchen, but it is important that you have a place where you can focus and associate with productivity.


Set Some Boundaries!

Talk with your family or roommates about your schedule, so that they can respect the time you need to focus. If you are not able to work in a quiet room, invest in some sound-cancelling headphones or listen to some white noise to help you stay focused.

Not only is it important to set boundaries within your household, but also at work. It is easy to get carried away with work at home, especially if you are having to squeeze in deadlines or take on new tasks. Try to log off when your workday is over so that you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.


To-Do Lists. ?️

It will be difficult to focus on work whilst distractions are looming. I, for one, just had to log out of social media because I would be on autopilot, scrolling through dog videos until who knows when.

One of the best ways to combat procrastination is to set a to-do list. One way that you can do this is to set reminders on your Google calendar or notebook and dedicate each hour to an important task. If you complete the task within the timeframe given, you can reward yourself with a break!


Take regular Breaks. ?‍♀️

We are exposed to so much artificial light now. We are in a virtual meeting, replying to texts, whilst a lamp blares in our eyes. That is not good for us, is it? Not only does that affect our sleep patterns, but it will also affect our mood.

Get outside, even if it is in your garden or balcony, and reap the natural benefits from the sunlight. Not only is it good for your eyes, but 15 minutes of natural light also boosts your serotonin intake, produces vitamin D, increases creativity, and more.

Also, do your best not to work virtually an hour or two before bed. Looking at bright screens reduces the melatonin in your body that you need to fall asleep. When your sleep schedule is out of whack, not only will you have a poor quality of sleep, but you will also be less productive than the day before.


Be Kind. ?

Working from home is new, challenging, and it can overwhelm us. Every day is a new day to do the best you can, and every evening is the time to switch off from work, relax, love yourself and others around you.

Stay connected with colleagues, family and friends and remember that we are not superhuman. Acknowledge that we may not get everything that we hoped to get done that day, and that is okay. Be pragmatic about what you can do for the day ahead instead.


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