Conference: Philosophy & Serres

The annual conference of The Society for European Philosophy and the Forum for European Philosophy (SEP-FEP 2020 Conference) will be happening on 30­–31 October and 6­–7 November 2020 – The programme is divided over successive Friday afternoons and full Saturdays. The wbsite is at

The SEP-FEP conference is the largest annual event in Europe, aiming to bring together researchers, teachers and students from different disciplines, interested in all areas of contemporary European philosophy. This year, to mark the passing of Michel Serres last June, the conference will feature a strand of presentations devoted to his work.

As part of this strand, Staffordshire Univeristy Professor David Webb interviews Christopher Watkin on Michel Serres.


Conference: Communities and Communication

Staffordshire University’s new Department of Media and Performance (formerly Film, Media & Journalism, Humanities and Performing Arts)  is organising an international and interdisciplinary conference around the themes of Connections. It will take place online on 24th April 2021.

More information about the conference is at its own website.

This conference seeks to consider the ways in which creative digital communities start, develop and grow, what is created within those groups and how real connections are built through technology sharing and eventually within the virtual environment of online discussion and dissemination. We welcome contributions from across the sector from traditional print media forms to film and television, and gaming and interactive technology, offering the opportunity to explore both applied and theoretical explorations of this area of communities within the digital world. We aim to publish a selection of these contributions in an edited collection developed as a result of the conference. 

Topics of interest:

  • Real-world versus digital communities 
  • Audio-visual communication practices
  • Interdisciplinary community-connections
  • What is the future of communities?
  • Visibility and identity in communities
  • Local vs global communities
  • Sports, digital media and communities
  • Healthcare and community
  • Community inclusion and exclusion
  • Performance

Deadline for submissions is 18th December 2020. For more details on how to submit please see the Call for Papers.

For any enquiries, please contact:

Running Naked: University and private equity partnership launch a feature film

Running naked is a feature film made in collaboration between private equity and Staffordshire University’s film production courses. The film has already screened at Beijing and Portland International Film festivals and is due for release in February 2021.

Running Naked is the story of two lifelong friends, pushed together through cancer. The story explores a period their life as one discovers the cancer has returned and their adventures as his illness unfolds.

The film was made in a unique way. The funding for the film came from private equity. This was combined with in-kind use of equipment, space, locations and crew from the University.

We, Andy Paton and Mike Knowles successfully combined a crew of industry professionals who mentored Staffordshire University students. The Crew included, Oscar nominated and Emmy winning director Victor Buhler. He directed Running Naked and Mike and Andy produced the film. The film’s score was composed by Craig Potter from Elbow

The film was all shot in and around the University in Stoke, utilising some of the buildings as locations and a production office, as well as many local businesses.

The cast start Andrew Gower(Carnival Row and Black Mirror) Tamzin Merchant(Carnival Row, Salem and Pride and Prejudice) Matthew Mcnulty (The Terror, Jamaica Inn and Deadwater Fell)

The project is an amazing example of how the University and private equity can be brought together to create a film that already has a distribution deal and international sales with an international release date in February 2021.

Watch this space for announcement of first screenings!

Yet another podcast?

Prof Carola Boehm joins two co-hosts for the launch of a new podcast about education in audio, music production and music technology.

A new Routledge supported podcast exploring the intersection between the Creative Industry and Academia has been launched this weekend with Staffordshire University input. Sound Learnings is a podcast  about education in audio, music production and music technology. One of the Co-Hosts is Carola Boehm, Professor of Arts and Higher Education from the C3 Centre of Creative Industries and Creative Communities. 

“There are not many public discourses on how our contemporary worlds of industry and academia regularly interact, sometimes with specific frictions and sometimes with real positive impacts for both. We thought it timely and useful to do this in our area of creative practice, music technology and music production. And inviting various makers and shakers to our roundtable allows us to really go behind the scenes of how this connectivity between the two spheres play out in our creative sectors.” (Carola Boehm)

All three co-hosts are educators, researchers and have professional profiles in music and audio. The podcast has been sponsored by Routledge publishers. Tim Canfer, who initiated the project, is a Lecturer at Barnsley College Higher Education, an Author, Tech Developer and Musician. His main area of research is developing reactive devices for live performance. Russ Hepworth is a part time Senior Lecturer at York St John University with a research area of audio mastering education. He has his own studio and continually works within the industry as a mastering engineer.

In the first series of the SoundLearnings podcast, the co-hosts chat with guest from the world of either education or industry. The characteristic that connects them all is that they value education specifically, and that they relate to the world of industry.

Being in pre-production since May, the next episodes to drop feature interviews from Flying Colors manager Bill Evans, mastering engineers Mike Cave and Katie Tavini, educator and mix engineer for Pete Waterman – Tim ‘Spag’ Speight, and educator, researcher and Eurovision Song Contest contender, ‘Stereo Mike’ Exarchos. 

Launching the C3 Centre


We recently have launched the C3 Centre as the newest of Staffordshire University’s Research Centres, focussing on the Creative Industries and Creative Communities.

The centre provides a single overarching structure for all staff working together with our creative partners through the medium of arts and culture, working within the creative and cultural economy, society and sectors.

In short, it is not ‘about the arts’ but rather ‘through the arts’.

It provides a structural framework for activities that reflect the search for new conceptual and critical insights into practices used by individual artists, collectives and creative thinkers who are passionate about engaging, interacting and co-creating with their surrounding communities. If your practice focusses on areas, such as Ceramics, Creative Industries and/or Creative Communities than this centre might be of interest to you. We would suggest that our collective creative talent in our city and surrounding communities is what makes our region so impactful through its creative engagements.

So if you are interested in the cutting edge of creative practice, keep an eye out for our projects and events. We regularly hold exhibition, research talks, networking events, so stay in touch by being part of our community. Browse our projects and feel invited to come to our events, and get in touch with our individual staff if you have ideas for collaborative innovation and research projects. 

And if you want to just say ‘hi’, leave us a comment here. We would love to hear from you.


Heatwork is an Arts Council funded project brining together experimental music and video composers alongside local and international musicians. The first performance of Heatwork took place on 15th Noivember 2019 at Middleport Pottery, a working industrial site housing many craft businesses. Interviews of people involved in the industry were used to create electronic sounds which were played live alongside the Brass Band and Clarient soloist. Marc Estibeiro composed the piece, which was performed by Matthias Müller, on his SABRE system, and the championship TCTC Group brass Band. Live visuals were performed by Dave Payling using his own footage and supported by additional films from Staffordshire Film Archive and BCB Festival.

Heatwork has its own project webpages at

International Festival of Video Arts

We are hosting the UK screening for the inaugural festival of video arts and visual music. This will involve same day world premieres of 10 works of Video Art and Visual Music in several venues around the world. The UK screening is a Stoke Film Theatre, on the University’s College Road Campus at 7pm on Wednesday 12th September.

Reserve a free ticket here: 


Cine Le Corbusier at French Embassy • Brasília, Brazil
MU.SA Museu das Artes de Sintra • Sintra, Portugal
Fonoteca Nacional de México • Ciudad de México, México
Reeves Theater, University of Tampa • Tampa, United States
Museo Artequin • Viña del Mar, Chile
Sala Concerti Pietro Sassu • Sassari, Italy
Stoke Film Theatre • Staffordshire, England


Organized by

With the international curatorial support of

Events also taking place in Portugal, Sweden and Uruguay

More information:



In order to support UNESCO’s ideal of peace and contribute to improving the quality of education, the International Festival of Video Art and Visual Music 2018 will join to the activities of the International Day of Light.

It is important to emphasize that the involved institutions in the Festival, will contribute exclusively providing digital and local advertising around the activities. The accomplishment of such event reaffirms the role of the UNESCO and cultural centers in the promotion and socialization the following missions:

  • Education for Sustainable Development.
  • Peace and human rights.
  • Intercultural learning.

Noisefloor Festival 2018

The experimental music and moving image Festival, Noisefloor, hosted by the music and film departments, begins next Tuesday 8th May. All events are taking place in our purpose built TV studios in the Cadman Studios complex, College Road, Stoke on Trent.

Noisefloor has become an important annual event in the experimental music and moving image calendar and attracts submissions and artists from around the world. It’s a chance for our own students to perform with other local and international artists and showcases some of the best talent around.

All events are open to the local community and we’re keen for people to take the opportunity to attend and experience some excellent concerts the see great facilities we have here.

See the full press release here:

The full concert programme is on the Noisefloor website here:

Staffordshire University / Factory Programme for the Creative Sector in Stoke-on-Trent

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the Creative Sector, Staffordshire University in partnership with Factory has developed a series of diverse talks, sessions and practical workshops that support the exploration of small and big challenges facing the creative sector. This unique series of events will be of interest to micro-cultural producers and artists, small and medium creative businesses, social enterprises and individuals interested in the potential of creative placemaking in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire. Research informed events by national and international experts will have a local focus, a local relevance and hopefully a local impact

Event Flyer

Events are focused on the Creative Sector but are open to any businesses or interested parties operating in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire.

Booking is advised for all events.  All events take place from 6:00 – 7:30pm.

Parking is free for the evening. (Press intercom and let them know you are coming to the Factory event)

Date Expert Event Title and Location
25/04/2018 Sandy Kirkham Putting the muse into business: the importance of the creative perspective in organisational change


Venue: Staffordshire University, College Road, The Digital Kiln Breakout Space, 5th floor Mellor Building.

02/05/2018 Carola Boehm  The creative industries are dead. Long live the creative industries.


Venue: Staffordshire University, College Road, The Digital Kiln Breakout Space, 5th floor Mellor Building.

16/05/2018 Keith Smy Mentoring and Coaching for SMEs  


Venue: Staffordshire University, College Road, The Digital Kiln Breakout Space, 5th floor Mellor Building.

30/05/2018 Paul Williams Making our mark in the world? You can bet your arts we are


Venue: Staffordshire University, College Road, The Digital Kiln Breakout Space, 5th floor Mellor Building.

06/06/2018 Si Waite, Marc Estibeiro Hands-on workshop on what it takes to create a podcast for your business. A podcast will be created while we learn.


Different Venue! Cadman Recording Studios, Meet at Cadman Studio Gate, College Road

13/06/2018 Peter Twilley Growing your Social Enterprise


Different Venue! Staffordshire University, College Road, Ground Floor Mellor Building, room SO11

27/06/2018 Rob Marsden Acting skills for Business Professionals: Voice and Presence Workshop


Different Venue! Staffordshire University, College Road, Ground Floor Mellor Building, room SO11

This opportunity is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund’s England Operational Programme 2014 – 20

Summary Descriptions

25/04/2018   Sandy Kirkham

Putting the muse into business: the importance of the creative perspective in organisational change

Leading successful organisational change continues to challenge business and industry leaders, but many recommended approaches focus on functional and operational aspects, or on technological change, with little attention paid to accommodating human creativity. A socio-technical approach may be more appropriate for the creative industries. This talk will demonstrate how one such approach, the soft systems methodology, could be used to align organisational change more closely to business environments which are driven by artistic creativity and innovation.

02/05/2018   Carola Boehm

The creative industries are dead. Long live the creative industries

A talk with on how the consumption of culture and arts is affording the creative industries to adapt as users desire personalised, immersive experiences rather than mass produced products or services. This shift in how we consume and participate in cultural and creative activities has wide reaching consequences for the industry, and specifically opportunities for the micro- and SME cultural producers able to take advantage of the underpinning paradigm turn.

16/05/2018   Keith Smy

Mentoring and Coaching for SMEs

Coaching can provide an array of benefits for organizations of all sizes, especially small businesses, when conducted in an efficient and productive manner. Business coaches generally focus on developing the business owner or entrepreneur as a person, and the primary goal of the coaching is usually to achieve a positive and significant revenue increase for the business. In this workshop local business coach Keith Smy will explain what coaching is and what it can do for individuals, teams and businesses. He will give some pointers on how to get the best return from coaches and coaching and what help there is out there if you are thinking of engaging coaching services.

30/05/2018   Paul Williams

Making our mark in the world? You can bet your arts we are.

This presentation will explore how renewed interest in culture is helping to re-write the city’s story and drive up our creative reputation.

06/06/2018   Si Waite, Marc Estibeiro

Hands-on workshop on what it takes to create a podcast for your business. A podcast will be created while we learn.

The podcasting workshop will be held in the University’s state-of-the-art recording studios. Working with Music & Sound academics and technicians, participants will be shown how to record and edit audio using industry-standard hardware and software as well as source royalty-free music to enhance the finished piece. Content will be generated by recording conversations between participants on themes agreed at the start of the session.

13/06/2018   Peter Twilley

Growing your Social Enterprise

This workshop will look at inspiring examples of where people, or organisations have set up businesses that are about making money to do good. A social enterprise is about making money but is also about responding to a social or environmental issue that people are facing in their neighbourhoods or communities or at a wider global level. The workshop will consider what a social enterprise is and what is isn’t and will also provide an opportunity to share examples and dream dreams about what could be possible. It will also point you in the direction of potential support that is available to support social enterprise in Staffordshire.

27/06/2018   Rob Marsden

Presence and Communication Skills Workshop

How can we effectively communicate to (and with) an audience? By learning techniques that you can apply to interview, presentation and pitches scenarios, this workshop will equip you with the confidence and skills vocally and physically to communicate. This practical workshop will be led in an informal and non-pressurised environment. Robert Marsden is a freelance theatre director and an Associate Professor at Staffordshire University.