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Co-Directors of the C3 Centre

  • Prof Carola Boehm  – Carola.Boehm at
  • Prof Ian Brown – I.Brown at
  • Dr. Agata Lulkowska –
  • Dr. Jackie Reynolds – J.Reynolds at

Research Group Leads

  • Music and Sound (Leads: Mark Estibeiro, Dave Payling)
    • Marc.Estibeiro at
    • D.Payling at
  • Film Research Clusters (Leads: Fiona Graham, Peter Rudge, Mark McKenna, Agatha Lulkovska)
    • F.C.Graham at (Production House)
    • P.A.Rudge at (Platform)
    • Agata.Lulkowska at (Practice-based-research in film, media and arts)
  • Connected Communities Framework (Lead: Nic Gratton)
    • N.Gratton at
  • Art and Society (Lead: Anna Francis)
    • A.M.Francis at
  • Art and Design Research Group (Lead: Ian Brown)
    • I.Brown at
  • Ceramic Cultures, Practices and Debates (Lead: Neil Brownsword)
    • Neil.Brownsword at
  • Philosophy, Film and The Environmental Humanities (Lead: David Webb)
    • D.A.Webb at
  • Games, Computer Graphics, AI and Esports (Lead: David White)
    • David.white1 at