Factory (ERDF)

FACTORY is an ERDF funded project that supports innovation-led-practices for the SME Creative Industries in Stoke-on-Trent.


In order to keep our creative communities in North Staffordshire connected, FACTORY is organising online meets, where we have the opportunity to come together and chat informally about topics around current challenges for our Creative Communities. In the era of Covid19, we and our creative sectors have specific challenges when wanting to connect with audiences, creatives, customers, networks and each other. Each meet will have a speaker, and there will be opportunities to share experiences and network within our communities.

If you want to be notified about these events, please sign up to our  email list at http://eepurl.com/drMkVv

We have also collated a list of resources that creative professionals in our regions might find useful.

And if you have a moment of time, please do consider leaving us an evaluation at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/FFWZJT9

Resources from our speakers:

  • 06/04/2020 Links and Resources for our Creative Communities (pdf)

  • 17/04/2020 From Physical to Digital During COVID-19 (Experts: Rhiannon Ewing-James and Sharon Roberts) (pdf)

  • 20/04/2020 Funding and Finance Update

  • 01/05/2020 ‘Not a Pub Crawl, but…’ Video conferencing tools for creative professionals (Expert: Carola Boehm) (pdf)

  • 2/05/2020 Photography for locked down artists (Expert: Jenny Harper)  (pdf)

  • 05/06/2020 How to win at social media – for artists and creatives (Expert: Gabriella Rhodes) (pdf)

  • 19/06/2020 How to look great in your next video conference (Expert: Richard Mellor) (pdf)

  • 03/07/2020 Socially engaged art – extending your practice to work with the public (Experts: Alice Thatcher and Sarah Fraser) (pdf)

and how to use our conferencing systems

  • MS Teams Guide for participants (pdf)
  • Hopin Guide for participants (pdf)

Evaluation (ongoing)