Research Groups and Centres

There are number of Research Groups, Special Interest Groups and associated Research Centres, linked to and often partnering in projects of the C3 Centre. These are

  • Music and Sound (Leads: Mark Estibeiro, Dave Payling) (www)
  • Film Research Cluster (Leads: Fiona Graham, Peter Rudge)
  • Connected Communities Framework (Lead: Nic Gratton) (www)
  • Art and Society (Lead: Anna Francis) (www)
  • Art and Design Research Group (Lead: Ian Brown)
  • Ceramic Cultures, Practices and Debates (Lead: Neil Brownsword) (www)
  • Arts and Creative Methods within the Criminal Justice System (Leads: Sarah Page and Em Temple-Malt)
  • Architecture and Sustainability (Lead: Maria Sanchez)
  • Philosophy, Film and The Environmental Humanities (www)(Lead: David Webb)
  • New for 2023: Digital & Creative (Lead: Carola Boehm & Elhadj Benkhelifa)
  • New for 2023: Games, Computer Graphics, AI and Esports (Lead: David White)
  • New for 2023: Practice as Research (Lead: Agata Lulkowska)

Affiliated Centres at Staffordshire University

  • DIME – Centre for Research in the Digital Entertainment and Media Industries (Lead: Mark McKenna) (www)
  • SCoLLPP  – Staffordshire Centre of Learning and Pedagogic Practice
  • SSAICS – Centre for SMart Systems, AI and Cybersecurity