How to Survive an All Nighter

Students working on computers in the Thompson Library

Students working on computers in the Thompson LibraryExams are coming up which means more frequent trips to the library and all nighters in order to get assignments and revision done. I personally do not have any exams, only assignments but I do know the struggle of staying up all night to get the last bits of important information into my essay before the deadline. Here are some helpful tips so survive an all nighter:


  1. Have snacks and supplies- Having snacks and brain food can help to keep you going and your brain to stay in gear while you work.
  2. Coffee/Energy drinks- When it comes to coffee or energy drinks you need to know when the right time is to drink them. Many of us make the habit of drinking as soon as we begin to study, even when we’re not tired which is a easy mistake to make. Learn how to pace yourself. The best time to have a coffee or an energy drink is when you’re the most tired, possibly after you’ve had a nap or have been working for many hours.
  3. Plan- When you’re going to the library make sure you have a plan of exactly what needs to be done, this can decrease the amount of time you will be spending there and make your night a more productive one.
  4. Take breaks- Your brain needs some rest so take breaks every couple of hours. Play a game, watch a video or go and walk around to clear your head and make yourself more refreshed.
  5. Put your phone to the side- I know when I go to the library I always manage to get distracted by my phone, whether it be because I received a message or to check my social networks, I always find an excuse. Putting your phone to the side is a wise decision as once you find yourself on your phone after hours of studying, you won’t be able to get off it as you’ll be looking for any sort of distraction from what you have to be doing.
  6. Take naps- This can be done during your break. Taking a 30 minute (power nap) can refresh your brain and leave you ready for some more work.
  7. Sleep before your exam- Alot of people do all nighters and head straight to their exam which can leave you tired and your brain exhausted. Try to have a couple hours of sleep to refresh your brain and body but only if you can wake up to alarms!

I hope these tips have been helpful to someone, have a great time studying! 🙂