Birmingham German Market

The big birmingham wheel

A few weeks ago my housemates and I decided to have a day trip to Birmingham. We planned to have some lunch, do some shopping and then visit the German Christmas Market. Going to the German Market has been a tradition for my friends and I for a couple of years, so it was quite nice to go with my housemates.

The train journey from Stafford to Birmingham only took about 30-35 minutes, so not long at all. Train tickets were cheap too, about £7 when I used a railcard.

Once we got to Birmingham New Street, of course we had a look around. It’s had a makeover recently so we decided to do some looking around and some shopping too.

Birmingham Grand Central

We were all quite hungry, so decided to head over to Chinatown to get some lunch. My housemate recommended that we go to Cafe Soya. It was the nicest lunch I have had in such a long time and it was really affordable too! The staff were so cute and the venue was quiet but lovely.
Cafe soya menuFood from Cafe Soya
After our bellies were full, we decided to empty our purses and do some shopping. Birmingham has so many shops and because I go to Birmingham quite often I didn’t spend that much!

We then headed to the German Market and looked around. There were some really cute stalls selling jewelry and chocolate, however they were very overpriced. I rarely buy anything at the German market as I hate buying expensive things, especially if I can get the things for cheaper at Lidl (no offence German Market)!


I definitely took a lot of pictures of all the pretty stalls and took advantage of how nice Birmingham looks at this time of the year. We also bought some crepes which again were overpriced but very delicious!



After a very long walk myself and one of my housemate’s decided to go on the ferris wheel. This wasn’t the best idea since I don’t like heights and I ended up screaming fearfully when I could see the top of Birmingham. However it was a good experience.



I always enjoy going to the German Christmas Market because it’s a nice day out to eat some food and take lots of pictures. It also helps to get you into the Christmas spirit!

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