10 Things I Miss From Student Life

Joe adding the finishing touches to his piece for Show and Tell 2015As much as I am enjoying ‘working life’, there are some things I am missing about being a student and the lifestyle I had for 3 years. Going to university was the best decision I ever made and was by far the best 3 years of my life so far.

  1. Firstly the thing would say I miss the most is the amount of free time I had. As a student you think you are working really hard (I am guilty of this too), which most of the time you are working really hard but how many of you can say you work for 8 hours everyday? Yes you may be in uni 9-5 and work when you get back home but really you probably have a good chat, spend quite a while on your phone, stop to cook dinner and watch a bit of tv in-between. So of that 12 hours you claim to have worked for it probably boils down to about 6-8 hours of solid work and that is on a good day. Sound about right? Now that I am working, the commute takes 2 hours of my day everyday then I work pretty solidly 9-5:30 (but normally I stay a bit later to make a good impression) so by the time I’m home its gone 7pm so there’s not a lot of time to do anything.
  2. Having all of your friends live within 3 streets of each other was so amazing, don’t take it for granted, go to each others houses and just pop into to see how they are if you’re passing by.
  3. I miss the amount of ‘things’ that there are to do that are right on a students doorstep. I live close to London so there is an endless amount of places to explore but there aren’t the amount of societies, campus events/activities or a great students union within about 300 yards of my house like there was at uni.Joe sat on the astro looking towards university accommodation
  4. I miss having my own house where everything is done how I want it to be done.
  5. As a graphic design student we got to see a whole project from start to finish including making the end product. For one of my projects I designed wine bottle packaging, I used the laser cutter, sand blaster, woodwork facilities and lots of other great creative processes. Now I would send the design to a specialist printer/woodwork craftsman etc.
  6. The amount of support you have around you, all students are in the same boat so it’s great that you can look to a friend when you need picking up as they know what you’re going through.
  7. I miss cooking with my housemate, especially when we had friends over andcooked big meals.Joe cooking food
  8. I miss how cheap everything at university was; silly things like printing, travel (the taxi’s in Stoke were incredibly cheap), food in nearby restaurants (particularly the places on campus), pints are twice the price in London compared to in the Ember Lounge and a Vodka Lemonade can be about 4 times the price of what it was in the LRV.
  9. I loved walking around campus and seeing so many familiar faces and people you can stop and have a quick chat with. In London it’s like finding a needle in a hay stack if you bump intoanyone you know as there are about 12 million people in the City at one time.Joe using snapchat at the side of Womens Football
  10. Finally, of course I miss all the social events and nights out.

The list could go on but these are my top 10.