Stoke-on-Trent has a Nando’s!!

Nandos sign at the Hive

Nandos sign at the HiveHow far would you travel for a Nando’s? Well, I’ve been clocking up the miles traveling out of Staffordshire to get my fix. But there’s good news, and Peri-Peri on the horizon. The Hive at intuPotteries has opened it’s welcoming arms to our very first Nando’s in Stoke-on-Trent – the long drive is over.

Whilst I’ll be clocking up the points on my Nando’s Reward Card, I won’t brag too much about the free chicken I’ll be getting, because there’s more places at The Hive to share my time and appetite with. Cineworld (nacho’s and cheese or popcorn – oh and the films, of course), Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Pizza Express, Nando’s, Chiquito’s, Frankie and Bennies, Coast to Coast, Bon Pan Asia…and breathe. Maybe it’s time to buy bigger trousers – and you have high-street stores right on your doorstep to do so.

On a nice day, The Hive will be soaked in sunshine, overlooking the North of the City, just on the edge of the shopping centre for peace and quiet whilst you dine.

Cineworld caters to your film tastes, okay, I’m a big kid at heart and the other week I headed off to watch Daddy’s Home (but that’s another blog) – it’s been designed with smaller screens (or at least smaller screen sizes than I’m used to) which suits me. Smaller screens means less people which equals a more enjoyable movie.  Tip: Book your seat early so if you’re slightly picky like Sheldon on Big Bang you can get your perfect spot.

So if you haven’t already been to The Hive go and take a look, it’s either a short bus ride from College Road, a 5-minute taxi ride with you and your mates; or you could even drive as parking at intuPotteries is £1 for any duration after 4pm.

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