Whats actually happening behind the campus transformation boards?

New view point into the new building

So you’ve been walking around our Stoke-on-Trent Campus or at our Centre of Excellence in healthcare Education – Stafford and until recently at the Centre of Excellence in healthcare Education – Shrewsbury and seen the boards stopping you going into certian areas with builders and building noise behind them – but what is actually happening?

Well honestly a lot of hard work to get everything ready for students in September 2016.

Cadman Studios – Stoke-on-Trent

The work within Cadman has recently started to be visable to everyone on campus with the big printed sign removed to allow the teams to start installing the new windows and equipment inside. But its getting so much more than this – on the ground floor two new teaching rooms have been created ready for new equipment and the spaces for the TV studio and Music studios are starting to take shape. The inner walls are in and they are starting to be soundproofed. There’s still work too do before you can use the rooms to record your next number 1, but they are definitely on track to be finished – and the specs of the rooms should be second to none.


Mellor Building – Stoke-on-Trent

For most of you the Mellor building will be deceptive as there are no boards or real signs of work on the outside of the building (well except for the lift that is being installed at the back of the building).

The work in the Mellor building is taking place on the top 3 floors, using the style of the work done on the building a couple of years ago the spaces are being transformed into comfy computer labs with the added benefit of a bigger lift so if like me you get out of breath after 2 floors you can sail straight to the top with the new digital kiln.

The New Beacon Building – Stoke-on-Trent

The Beacon Building is one of the few areas that I haven’t had the chance to have a look around inside. But it will be a general teaching room building (so the classrooms and lecture theaters can be used by any course. On the ground floor there will also be a cafe giving you yet another place to get your caffine fix.

Centre of Excellence in healthcare Education – Stafford

Blackheath Lane has been worked on in phases, keeping the building accessible to students while the work is taking place. A new entrance, library, teaching rooms, social space and changing rooms are all being installed at Blackheath lane to make this centre of excellence truley excellent. The work that has been completed so far has made the building feel so much nicer, with brighter corridors leading to top of the range facilities.

As much as the work in the Cadman building excites me because of all the new technology being installed – its Blackheath lane that I’m the most looking forward to seeing finished. With some of the work already finished to a really high standard its going to be an amazing place to study.

Centre of Excellence in healthcase Education – Shrewsbury

Through the transformation work it has been impossible for me to personally visit the work taking place at Shrewsbury. The faculty staff and transformation team made regular visits around the work while it was taking place and have given me the pictures below from it. Again Shrewsbury is having its existing facilities upgraded to make the best use of the space and to upgrade everything available to students. If the work taking place is anything similar to the work already finished at BHL and the original plans for the work then this will also be an amazing place to study nursing and midwifery.

This isn’t everything that is taking place behind the boards, but you can read more with Jaz’s blog about Cadman, Zach’s blog about Mellor or Annroses’ blog about Blackheath lane. There’s also more information about the work on www.staffs.ac.uk/inspiration

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