A Survivors Guide to Graduation

Mortar boards being thrown into the air at one of our Graduation Ceremonies in 2014

It seems like a lifetime ago since I graduated, everything seemed to go by so fast on the day. I was in and I was out.

Some people dream of the ‘perfect’ graduation day but usually mixing family and emotional big events is never going be the ‘perfect’ event.

I know it’s weird but sometimes a few stressful and hectic moments will actually end up being the best moments.

But here is a quick guide to help you avoid any major stressful moments. I will try my best to remember the important details. It’s a little bit of a blur.

“Where do I get tickets?”

If I remember correctly when the ticket sales first open everyone is allowed a certain amount of tickets to purchase. Everyone will get emailed on their student emails with the link and details. I would highly suggest buying these, even if you are unsure if someone is going to make it or not. There will be a second sale of tickets but this one will be at a first come first serve basis. Trust me this is not one of the stresses you want.

“What should I wear?”

Ladies- Make sure you wear a dress you can move in, you do not want to be walking at a snail pace on that stage. Also make sure your heels are comfortable enough, you do not want to fall over. There is bound to be one person who falls, but let’s just make sure it’s not you.

Another thing would be to wear an outfit that makes it easier to clip on your sash. I spent so long trying to do this. My dress was just not made for that.

Queenie putting on graduation clothing

Missguided and Bohoo have amazing dresses. Check them out.

“Where should I go?”

As you probably already know, the graduation takes place at the wonderful Trentham Gardens. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time. I didn’t get there early and found it a bit hard to find parking.

Don’t worry all the details of the day will be highlighted in the information pack you receive, this is just a quick guide so you have an idea.

If you are worried about doing a lot of walking (in heels) you need not worry. There will be a shuttle bus that will take you directly to the ceremony area. Or if you want to enjoy the gardens you can walk.

Remember to take advantage of the gardens, make a day of it. I kind of wish I did. I was too obsessed with taking pictures that I did not fully take in the scenery.  Visit the website and see what things you can do on the day. There are nearby hotels if you choose to stay for another day.

“When can I take pictures”

You can take pictures before or after the ceremony, I chose to get all my pictures done before as it wasn’t too busy then. I even purchased my pictures online before the day. Yes, if you couldn’t tell already . I . Love .Pictures.  The photographers there are experienced and will guide you. Be prepared for those awkward school picture poses.

If you opt to not have the professional pictures that’s fine too, the Student Ambassadors will be at hand to take the pictures for you, using your own cameras.  If this isn’t a 5 star service, I don’t know what is.

“What was your best bit?”

As I mentioned before, my day is pretty much a blur in my head now. I do remember how annoyed I was at my mother for running late though. See,the stressful times do become the best moments. I remember her taking her sweet time, running errands! Can you even imagine?!.  So I would advise that you tell your family that the graduation is actually 2 hours before. Just to be safe.

Queenie walking around the Graduation Village at Trentham

 “Should I be nervous?”

Yes, people laugh when you fall over. No I am kidding. There is absolutely no reason at all to be nervous. This will be one of the best days of your lives!

Hope this quick guide has helped. Hope you enjoy your day and take lots of pictures!

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