Keeping Fit on a Student Budget

Taking up a gym membership could be your new year's resolution

Keeping fit at university is not everyone’s first thought but it is important as it will help you in the long run of life and help you to study better. However, keeping fit can seem to be an expensive hobby and something that comes low on the list of priorities when you have so many things that the student loan barely covers. So here are my 5 tips for keeping fit on a budget

Take up running

Running is a relatively cheap way to keep fit, grab your trainers and you are off. The most expensive part is the trainers but they are an investment that can last a very long time and be quite cheap in the long run. Running can also be a good way to leave all your troubles behind and get the endorphin kick that makes you feel great afterwards.

Walk everywhere

This one is simple and free. Walk to university, walk to work, walk to the shops and walk to everywhere else you go. You won’t realise how many miles you accumulate and it wont seem like a big change but it can make a huge difference. Also fresh air and a little exercise can help you study better and concentrate harder for university.

Join the student gym or gyms offering student rates

The student gym, Sir Stanley Matthews sports centre, is highly affordable for all students and often has introductory offers going on too. The membership to the gym includes access to the gym equipment and all the classes they offer.

Join an exercise class

Classes can be a great way to get motivated and have a social aspect to your workout. There are many classes both on and off campus and they are usually relatively cheap and sometimes have offers if you pay for more than one class at a time. If the class is held close to where you live then you could combine this with a previous tip and walk there too.

Buy some DVD’s for home

Exercise DVD’s can be brought very cheaply and can be done in the comfort of your own home. I know this may not seem like the easiest idea for those who live n student accommodation but I managed to do it in my student bedroom so you can too. You may have to adapt some of the moves as you will not have the same kind of room they do on the DVD (but then nobody has that kind of room).


Discover more about Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Centre at Staffordshire University.

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