Zach's room as he moves out

Moving In….Moving Out

May 23, 2016 Zach 0

Moving in, I can guarantee it’ll be the first thing on everyone’s mind mid-august/start September. For first years it’s what do I need, quick google a list of what to take to university or send […]

Annrose in her house with friends

Living in a student house

May 13, 2016 Annrose 2

For second year, my friends and I decided to move into a house together. And I have to say although I prefer it to living in halls, both have their pros and cons. Pros of […]

A drinking goblet

My Top 5 Uni Essentials!

May 10, 2016 Rebecca 0

So you’re going to university, which can be daunting on it’s own. But then there’s the question of what should you take to your new home away from home. I’m a obsessive packing person and […]

Annrose's room

My Uni Room Tour

April 4, 2016 Annrose 0

I managed to bag the biggest room in the house and have tried to make it as personal as possible. So I hope that you enjoy this glimpse into my room here at university. My […]

No Picture

The First Semester…

January 1, 2016 Rebecca 0

As the first semester draws to a close and I begin to pack everything away to go home for the christmas holidays I thought I would talk about what my first semester at university has […]

greenpad website

Finding a house for next year

December 27, 2015 Alexandra 0

A few weeks ago it was coming to that time where it was necessary to start house hunting and finding who to live with next year. The group I will be living with next year […]

Decorations on Alexandras ceiling

Decorations in halls

December 21, 2015 Alexandra 0

Decorating the flat was an absolute must for my flat and we had a great time putting up the decorations and waiting for them to fall down again which I find is part for the […]

emmas bed and small window in the corner

House for 3rd year!

October 28, 2015 Emma 0

From living in the house from hell last year, my new student house is so much better. Yeah it is a lot more expensive than the one I lived in last year, but at least […]

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