Catch-Up: Art/Practice-Based Research Seminar Series #4 – Methodological quagmires in the post-disciplinary era

Art/Practice-Based Research Seminar Series
(led by Agata Lulkowska at Staffordshire University)

Catch up on past events in this series, a place for inspiring discussions about art/practice-based research and methods. More details of the whole series:

  • Session 4: Methodological quagmires in the post-disciplinary era
  • 19th January | 15:30-17:00
  • Guest speaker: Prof. Carola Boehm 

Although Practice-as-Research has been welcomed in the academic communities, it often finds itself in positions needing to justify its effectiveness. The resistance to new methodologies is common when looking at the evolution of interdisciplinary research enquiry, and practice-as-research is often inter- or even trans-disciplinary in its nature and thus encounters the age-old divide between those methodologies supporting theoretical enquiries and those supporting practically oriented lines of enquiry. And as our knowledge domains grew, this left additional tensions in the choice or acceptance of research methodologies. My presentation will foreground this in the context of ever-growing knowledge domains that are in need of new methodological developments.