2021/22 Books from Staff at the C3 Centre at Staffordshire University

We have had a bumber year of books for the C3 researcher community. Here are some of the latest boooks with links to our institutional depository. Some of these books are available as a pre-copy-edited Author’s Accepted Manuscript (AAM), so do have a look.

  • BOEHM, Carola (2022) Arts and Academia: The Role of the Arts in Civic Universities. Great Debates in Higher Education . Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley. ISBN 978-1-83867-730-5 https://eprints.staffs.ac.uk/7301/   and FULL PDF
  • MARSDEN, Robert (2022) Inside the Rehearsal Room. Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781350103658  https://eprints.staffs.ac.uk/7425/
  • MCKENNA, Mark (2021) Horror Franchise Cinema. Routledge, London. ISBN ISBN 9780367183271 http://eprints.staffs.ac.uk/5283/  
  • MCKENNA, Mark (2021) Snuff. Devil’s Advocates . Auteur | Liverpool University Press, Liverpool. http://eprints.staffs.ac.uk/6851/
  • RUDGE, Peter (2021) Beyond the Blue Economy; Creative Industries and Sustainable Development in Small Island Developing States. Routledge Studies in Sustainable Development . Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9780367820251 http://eprints.staffs.ac.uk/6927/
  • MACCALLUM-STEWART, Esther and Brown, Douglas (2020) Rerolling Boardgames: Essays on Themes, Systems, Experiences and Ideologies (Studies in Gaming). Studies in Gaming . MacFarland Press. ISBN 978-1-4766-7079-9 http://eprints.staffs.ac.uk/6726/
  • MCKENNA, Mark (2020) Nasty Business: The Marketing and Distribution of the Video Nasties. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. ISBN 9781474451086 http://eprints.staffs.ac.uk/6019/
  • WEBLEY, Stephen and Zackariasson, Peter, eds. (2019) The Playful Undead and Video Games: Critical Analyses of Zombies and Gameplay. Routledge, New York. https://eprints.staffs.ac.uk/6803/

And if we missed any books, authored by C3 staff, let us know and we will feature them here.