Mukky Duck at Stafford

Inside legends showing the back of Mukky Duck and student celebrating on the dance floor

Inside legends showing the back of Mukky Duck and student celebrating on the dance floorMukky Duck is the place to be on a Friday if you’re living at Stafford and you want a cheap and fun night out! It’s held at Legends and the Lounge every Friday night from about 10PM to 3Am. If you are part of the special texting promotion you will get a free entry before 11PM text, but entry fees themselves aren’t that much! I think everyone that lives in Stafford should go to Mukky at least once in their life because it’s such a laugh! I met so many of my great friends there and have made some great memories.

Every week at Mukky there is a different theme. The most recent one I went to was the 007 party with casino, so me and my friends wore dresses to dress up a little bit. The themes are usually quite fun (although not everyone likes to dress up).


The music can vary from rock to pop, to dance to a bit of old school hits. There are usually three different rooms with different music, so you can go to the one where you enjoy the music the most. I always prefer the main room because I can really let my hair down with my friends and dance to some great tunes. There is always that part of the night where everyone does the Macarena which is so fun!


The drinks at Mukky are so good and really cheap compared to your standard clubs, which may not be good if you can’t handle your drink! Of course there are some non-alcoholic drinks if you don’t drink.


If you are feeling quite hungry after all that dancing, you can pop to the Other Room and get some chips or a burger…at a decent price too! And whilst you’re waiting for your food you can play some pool in the room.

As I mentioned before, Mukky is a great place to catch up with old friends and meet new friends. A few of the friends I’ve made at uni were met on a typical night out (although I don’t really know how we became friends, maybe a bit too much alcohol there?!)

The walk back home is always a bit tiring, especially if you have consumed too much alcohol! But I often find it quite good to get a bit of fresh air after dancing in a huge crowd.


And my favourite part about Mukky? The pictures. There’s nothing worse than waking up the next day and seeing a dead embarrassing picture of you uploaded onto Facebook…




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