Centre’s research features on Crimewatch


Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls with Crimewatch presenter Rav Wilding (Copyright: Rich Harper and Caroline Sturdy Colls)

Recent research by the Centre of Archaeology has featured on BBC Crimewatch.

Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls demonstrated a virtual reality headset in order to demonstrate how games technology could be used to visualise crime scenes and present them to a jury in Court. This technique is one of a range of methods from archaeology and games technology that will be used to develop and apply novel digital recording methods to complex criminal investigations. The project is a collaborative project between the Centre of Archaeology, Forensic and Crime Science and Games Design at Staffordshire University. Dante Abate, an experienced researcher with a background in digital archaeology, will join the Staffordshire University team to work on the project. The project, funded by a 182.000 Euro EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant, will aim to change the way in which buried and concealed evidence is analysed at crime scenes through these new techniques and through an associated programme of training and support for specialists and professionals working in this area.

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