“Lost” report on Nazi atrocities on Alderney published

Recent media reports have suggested that a report written by a British investigator in 1945 about the atrocities committed on the island of Alderney has remained classified by the British government for more than seventy years.

However, as Professor Caroline Sturdy Colls reports, copies have been available in two British archives for more than a decade and have long been used by researchers to highlight the plight of the forced and slave labourers sent to the island.

Courtesy of the UK National Archives, the Centre of Archaeology is pleased to provide an online copy of this report and accompanying documents for the first time.

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Click on the image above to view the files in Isuuu (opens in a new window) (c) National Archives, WO311/13.

The files provided are all derived from the National Archives collection WO311/13.
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