MSc/MA Forensic Archaeology and Genocide Investigation

Opt to study on campus on our MSc programme or via Distance Learning on our MA route.

Forensic Archaeology and Genocide Investigation represents an important and relevant area of study. On this course, you will learn about the evidence that genocide and mass violence leaves behind as well as the cutting-edge forensic techniques used to locate and record it.

The MA/MSc Forensic Archaeology and Genocide Investigation is a diverse and versatile programme of study which offers the opportunity to:

  • Gain detailed knowledge about forensic archaeological investigations of genocide.
  • Gain and apply practical skills in the investigation of genocide and mass violence via participation in fieldwork as part of an active research project.
  • Complete a detailed research project relating to a range of topics concerning genocide and mass violence.
  • Undertake interdisciplinary sessions alongside academics and specialists in Archaeology and Genocide Studies, History, International Relations, Geography, Media and Film, Computer Games Design and Visualisation
  • The course provides a solid foundation for doctoral study and an opportunity for a career in archaeology, conflict and genocide studies, forensic investigation, Holocaust studies, international relations, and a range of other associated fields.

The MSc course offers a unique opportunity to gain a wide range of practical and analytical skills and to participate in valuable career enhancement opportunities – such as fieldwork on active research projects. This course is taught on campus in Stoke-on-Trent and is for students opting for a science-based dissertation, for example this could be a site-based field investigation or a technological-based analysis of multiple sites.

The MA is for students who wish to study via Distance Learning and who want to learn more about the aftermath and social impacts of genocide and mass violence. Students on this course will undertake an arts-based dissertation, for example one that focuses on primary documentary/archival research, desk-based analysis of archaeological data or ethical approaches to genocide research.

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