Our People

Our team of experienced project managers and specialist staff offers many years of expertise in commercial archaeological projects. Click on a team member’s profile to learn more about them.

Prof. Caroline Sturdy Colls – Research Lead of the Centre of Archaeology

Caroline is the Research Lead for the Centre of Archaeology at Staffordshire University. She has directed and published archaeological projects throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Her particular areas of expertise are Holocaust archaeology, forensic archaeology and the application of non-invasive surveying methods.

Prof. Caroline Sturdy Colls’ staff profile

Kevin-Colls-257x300Kevin Colls – Archaeological Project Manager

Kevin is the lead Archaeological Project Manager for the Centre of Archaeology at Staffordshire University. He has directed and published archaeological projects throughout the United Kingdom and has over 15 years’ experience in professional development-led archaeology.

Kevin Colls’ staff profile

WillWilliam Mitchell – Project Archaeologist

William is the Project Archaeologist for the Centre of Archaeology at Staffordshire University. He has supervised and published numerous archaeological projects throughout the United Kingdom and has extensive experience in leading, delivering and consulting on archaeological and heritage projects.  He is a qualified teacher and regularly works with school groups and on community led projects.

William Mitchell’s staff profile

DanteDante Abate – Research Fellow and 3D Modelling Specialist

Dante was appointed as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow in 2017 to work on the “Digital Forensic Archaeology Project (Dig-For-Arch)”. Over the last decade, Dante’s research activity and practice has focused on applying 3D modelling techniques in the field of humanities and cultural heritage.

Dante Abate’s staff profile


Mick BritonMick Britton – Technical Skills Specialist (Laser Scanning)

Mick is a Technical Skills Specialist. With a background in engineering, Mick is able to offer consultancy services in 3D laser scanning (using the FaroArm and Minolta laser scanners), reverse engineering and product design. Mick has a keen interest in the innovative application of technologies to an archaeological context and is collaborating on a project aimed at developing hybrid surveying technologies for use in archaeological and forensic investigations.

Czelsie Weston – PhD Researcher

Czelsie started her PhD studies in December 2015, after completing her MSci in Forensic Science, also at Staffordshire University. Czelsie is researching how forensic archaeological approaches can be used to locate, record and disseminate information regarding killing sites of the Holocaust. During her MSci year, Czelsie completed a semester placement with the Centre of Archaeology and she has assisted in Holocaust fieldwork in Alderney, Poland and Germany. Czelsie also assists in community archaeology projects in the local Stoke-On-Trent area.

JanosJanos Kerti – PhD Researcher in Conflict Archaeology

Janos is a PhD student at Staffordshire University examining the ethical considerations of presenting forensic archaeological data through virtual heritage technologies. Janos undertook a placement with the Centre of Archaeology in 2013 and continues to contribute to the Finding Treblinka project. Janos has participated in fieldwork at Holocaust sites in Alderney and Germany, and he continues to teach on the Centre’s photogrammetry course.

Tim Harris – Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Tim is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography and an active researcher. His particular areas of expertise lie in glacial and periglacial geomorphology, the impact of climate change and Quarternary environmental change. Tim has been actively involved in the Alderney Archaeology and Heritage Project and has been developing new methods for in-field site recording and visualisation. He has undertaken fieldwork throughout the UK and in Iceland. Tim Harris’ staff profile

Dr Ruth SwetnamRuth Swetnam – Associate Professor of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Ruth has undertaken a number of projects focusing on spatial modelling, landscape ecology, historical geography, land use change and environmental management. Ruth is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Chartered Geographer in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Ruth has over 20 year’s experience in consultancy and research focusing on the creation of GIS databases, landscape modelling and ecosystem monitoring. Dr Ruth Swetnam’s staff profile

Dean Northfield – Forensic Imaging Specialist

Dean’s expertise lies in the collection and analysis of digital imaging. Having worked for West Yorkshire Police for 11 years, the final 4 as a Senior Digital Imaging Officer, Dean is able to provide consultancy in the Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE). He is working on a number of research projects focusing on the innovative application of forensic imaging methods in an archaeological context including the Re-Presenting Treblinka project, as part of which he is developing a 3D digital heritage resource for museum and online presentation. Dean Northfield’s staff profile

Dr Rachel Bolton-King – Specialist in firearms and ammunition identification

Rachel specialises in firearms identification and the identification of ammunition. Her research has focused on non-invasive analysis of corroded weapons. Rachel is actively involved in the Alderney Archaeology and Heritage Project and, having worked extensively in the forensic arena, is developing new approaches 3D visualisation and trajectory analysis in archaeological investigations. Dr Rachel Bolton-King’s staff profile

 Rosie DuncanRosie Duncan – Cartographer

Rosie provides cartographic, design and general support, primarily through the production of maps and artwork for use in research reports, brochures, advertising, display materials and academic posters. Rosie also teaches cartography and illustration courses to undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals. Rosie Duncan’s staff profile

Laura Walton-WilliamsLaura Walton Williams – Specialist in DNA and Biological Trace Evidence

Laura specialises in DNA analysis and biological trace evidence. She regularly undertakes consultancy work in these areas in relation to forensically relevant and historic cases. Alongside Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls, Laura provides consultancy services in relation to exhumations, specifically the recovery and prevention of contamination of samples. Laura Walton Williams’ staff profile