Ethical approaches to archaeology CPD workshop

This one-day CPD course, taught by leading Holocaust Archaeologist Professor Caroline Sturdy Colls, offers an introduction to ethical approaches to archaeology.

The course will address the ethical issues that an archaeologist must consider when dealing with human remains, personal belongings and other artefacts in a wide range of contexts. In particular, participants will be encouraged to discuss the wide range of political, religious, cultural and other issues that may arise when working in the areas of funerary archaeology, forensic archaeology, conflict archaeology and community engagement.

Topics covered will include:

  • Different scenarios in which human remains or sensitive heritage may be encountered.
  • Approaches to search and recovery.
  • Treatment, handling and storage of human remains and other material items.
  • Ethical considerations concerning the display or presentation of human remains and other sensitive heritage (in public spaces and digitally)

The course will allow attendees to gain an understanding of ethical considerations through a series of seminars, workshops and discussions. It will feature a wide range of case studies where a detailed analysis of the ethical considerations involved has been imperative to the operation of the project. Through a diverse range of other case studies, participants will be encouraged to develop their own proposed methodologies in response to ethical challenges.


For further information about future course dates, please contact the Centre of Archaeology by email: or call 01782 294037.


£TBC per person (Reduced rate for current and graduated Staffordshire University students or members of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists)