Forensic Archaeology (class session) CPD workshop

Forensic archaeology is an emerging area of forensic science, which is concerned with the search for, and recovery of, buried or concealed remains. Forensic archaeologists are increasingly being consulted by police forces in the search for clandestine burials, drugs, weapons, money and other physical evidence relating to criminal activity. They are also called upon to assist in international mass grave investigations and, increasingly, in mass disaster scenarios.

This one day course will offer an introduction to the role of the forensic archaeologist within UK criminal investigations and international mass death scenarios. Through a series of lectures and workshops, participants will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and to apply this to mock scenarios in the classroom.

Topics covered include:

  • An introduction to the variety of methods used in the search for clandestine graves and other buried evidence including field survey, remote sensing and geophysical survey;
  • The fundamental principles of excavation, body recovery and post-recovery analysis.
  • Desk-based analysis and the planning stages of an investigation.
  • Logistical considerations of forensic archaeology.
  • Health and safety associated with the site and archaeological techniques and methodology

For those wanting to gain practical experience in Forensic Archaeology and apply their newly acquired skills, the Forensic Archaeology (Practical session) CPD workshop offers the opportunity to excavate a mock burial in our state-of-the-art Crime Scene facility. Participants will gain experience in excavation, crime scene recording and evidence recovery.

Lecturers on the course are regularly involved in casework in the UK and abroad. Therefore, participants will have the opportunity to discuss case studies and gain an overview of the latest developments in this field.


For further information about future course dates, please contact the Centre of Archaeology by email: or call 01782 294037.


£TBC per person (Reduced rate for current and graduated Staffordshire University students or members of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists)