Launching the C3 Centre

We recently have launched the C3 Centre as the newest of Staffordshire University’s Research Centres, focussing on the Creative Industries and Creative Communities.

The centre provides a single overarching structure for all staff working together with our creative partners through the medium of arts and culture, working within the creative and cultural economy, society and sectors.

In short, it is not ‘about the arts’ but rather ‘through the arts’.

It provides a structural framework for activities that reflect the search for new conceptual and critical insights into practices used by individual artists, collectives and creative thinkers who are passionate about engaging, interacting and co-creating with their surrounding communities. If your practice focusses on areas, such as Ceramics, Creative Industries and/or Creative Communities than this centre might be of interest to you. We would suggest that our collective creative talent in our city and surrounding communities is what makes our region so impactful through its creative engagements.

So if you are interested in the cutting edge of creative practice, keep an eye out for our projects and events. We regularly hold exhibition, research talks, networking events, so stay in touch by being part of our community. Browse our projects and feel invited to come to our events, and get in touch with our individual staff if you have ideas for collaborative innovation and research projects. 

And if you want to just say ‘hi’, leave us a comment here. We would love to hear from you.