REBELLIOUS RESEARCH #2 – So What? Film Practice Research and Impacts

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SESSION 2: Wednesday 30th November 2022, 15:30-17:00 (GMT) link to join

So What? Film Practice Research and Impacts by Prof. Erik Knudsen (Faculty Director of Research, Faculty of Culture and Creative Industries, Professor of Media Practice, University of Central Lancashire).

Media practice research has over the past 25 years, or more, firmly established itself within the broader UK higher education research environment as important and legitimate research. In this wider context, research funding, and the evaluation of research, both in the UK and globally, is being focused on the impact the research being undertaken is having on both audiences, beneficiaries and industry partners. As an example of this, the UK’s Research Excellence Framework (REF), which measures quality of research every five or six years across the UK higher education sector, has unequivocally indicated that evaluation of impacts will be an increasing feature of research assessments going forward. Various funding bodies, too, while not always using the word “impact”, are equally concerned that their investments deliver meaningful impacts. Professor Erik Knudsen will explore how we as filmmakers working in the academy can shape, engage with and address the need for our creative practice research to deliver impact.