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Students come to Staffordshire University for a personal journey, the individuals who have aspirations, skills, knowledge, ambition and are ready to study hard but have fun along the way. 

All teams at the University support our students during their time and watch them grow.  The Career & Personal Development team offer students support from the day they start until the day they are happy and settled into a Career.  A unique offer – A lifetime of support.

After 15 months of graduating our team contacts hundreds of students every year, we ask about Life after Staffordshire University. Are they settled into a career related to their degree? Are they happily working – considering ‘Every Degree Matters’? or would they like support from our service? Our aim is to listen, congratulate, refer and prepare them for the Graduate Outcome Survey.  

Some of the students I spoke to have careers in the following:

Product Designer working in Dudley

Games Programmer in Leeds

Digital Marketer in Stoke on Trent

Physio for a Premier Football Club


3D Modeller for a multinational car manufacturer

Police Officers in the West Midlands

Members of the Armed forces

Teachers and Lecturers

A model for sportswear and actor furloughed waiting to work on a film.

Software Developers working for digital companies

Animal Care Worker for an Agriculture College

Youth Ministers

Analyst working for an Environmental company

Students doing Masters at Staffordshire, Birmingham & London

Students doing PGCE’s

Its has been great to reconnect with students who have contacted the Career Studio for further support.

To speak to one of our Career Coaches get in touch: 

Email: careers@staffs.ac.uk 

Twitter: @CareersAtStaffs 

Instagram: @CareersAtStaffs 

Facebook: Staffordshire University​ Career & Personal Development 

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Calling all Graduates of 2019

The Graduate Outcomes survey is weeks away from being launched across the country, which will be taking place through September to November 2020.

A national survey capturing the activities and perspectives of graduates, known as Graduate Outcomes, launched in December 2018. The Graduate Outcomes survey is the biggest annual social survey in the UK. 

 We need your responses to this survey to allow current and future students of Staffordshire University to make informed choices and to help us to evaluate and promote our courses. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete online and you can access it on any device. 

This will ultimately give more credibility to your degree subject and help Staffs to shine! #proudtobestaffs 

Be part of the picture 

As you completed your course with Staffordshire University approximately 15 months ago you will receive an email invitation from StafforshireUniversity@graduateoutcomes.ac.uk within the next few weeks, you may also receive SMS messages from ‘GradOutcome’ and calls so you can be helped to complete the survey over the phone. Please do look out for these interactions from us and the Graduate Outcomes team.     

About the survey  

The survey will be delivered by the Graduate Outcomes team which is part of the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) on behalf of the higher education funding and regulatory bodies and higher education providers. The funding and regulatory bodies commission the Graduate Outcomes survey and require HESA and higher education providers to work together to deliver the survey. HESA have published privacy information for students on how your contact details will be used

Remember, our Career and Personal Development Team are there to offer you lifelong support as you journey through your career.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch at careers@staffs.ac.uk 

Thanks, and best wishes, 

The Career & Personal Development Team

To speak to one of our Career Coaches get in touch:

Email: careers@staffs.ac.uk

Twitter: @CareersAtStaffs

Instagram: @CareersAtStaffs

Facebook: Staffordshire University​ Career & Personal Development

LinkedIn: @CareersAtStaffs