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Course: I am currently doing a PGCE to become a History A Level teacher. 

Why they wanted to become a career coach: Having accessed an abundance of services within the university it enable me to continue with my personal and professional commitment to my course and studies.  I wanted to be able to assist students by using the knowledge and research skills I gained to offer my fellow peers a better platform to start their career and enhance their work experience.

Fun Fact: I only drink tea, I love a cuppa.



Course: MSc Applied Research

Why they wanted to become a career coach: I wanted to be a Career Coach to gain more experience in this area and help people feel more confident and believe in their abilities more when applying for jobs or other opportunities.

Why students should visit the studio: The Career Coach team are all students, so they understand the challenges of balancing work and study and as a team they have already helped me develop my own LinkedIn account and improved the way I approach applying for jobs. 
Fun Fact: I have an identical twin sister and sometimes even my parents get us mixed up!


Course: I am a final year student studying Forensic Biology.

Why they wanted to become a career coach: I became a coach because I love to help and encourage people. I have changed my degree and had different jobs during my time at university so understand how it feels to not know what you want to do and can pass my experiences on to other students.  

Why students should visit the studio: Student should come down to the studio because we have an excellent group of staff here who are all so friendly and helpful! It is such a beneficial experience to come and do some interview preparation or guidance writing applications. Even I learned so much during my staff training!

Fun Fact: My fun fact is that I visited a safari in Kenya on my 21st birthday and was urinated on by a lion!!  



Course: Law

Why they wanted to become a career coach: I became a Career Coach because I believe in people. I believe in empowering people with the knowledge and skills they need to excel and thrive in the competitive world we live in.

Why students should visit the studio: You should come over to the Career studio because we are here to support, guide and equip you with the strategies, techniques and approaches which you need to move into a Full or Part time career that you deserve and is right for you. So come over to our lovely and beautiful Career studio, you sure will not regret it!



Course: I am a level 5 Forensic Investigation Student.

Why they wanted to become a career coach: I became a Career Coach because I love helping people find the path they want to be on and helping them achieve their goals. I changed my mind about what I wanted to do with my future and therefore, changed the course I wished to be on. I can share this knowledge and experience with other students who may be in a similar situation.

Why students should visit the studio: Students should come in to the studio as all of us who work here are students too, we understand the stresses and difficulties of student life. Our main aim is to empower students at Staffordshire University and help them to realise their full potential.

Fun Fact: Fun fact is that I have dual British and Spanish nationality and I’m bilingual in both languages.

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