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Introduction to the Blog

The Career Studio Blog is a platform in which all career related content is posted. Our goal is to help Staffordshire University Students’ explore their career options, connect and network with industry professionals, and gain relevant work experience. The blog posts have been categorized into these sections to help make it easier when searching for specific content.

Our content ranges from providing advice/tips for each stage of gaining work experience to bringing you recent graduate job opportunities! We are here to support you with your career journey and through having a peer-to-peer approach, our Career Coaches are able to use this platform to share their experiences, providing you with guidance and tips for career success. 


Digital GradEX 2020

From all of us at the Career Studio, a massive thanks to those who submitted an entry to GradEX. We have had almost 500 entries! We hope that you have enjoyed entering and will hopefully be given some amazing opportunities from the employers/judges.

Many of you will be leaving Staffs this year, so we wanted to remind you that the Career Studio is still here for you throughout your future. If you are struggling to find a graduate job please take a look at MyCareer as we are updating the jobs regularly. If you ever find yourself in career difficulty in the future, we are only an email or phone call away!

We are also very active on social media where we share useful updates and new job opportunities.


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