The Rantings of Career Professional: Why GradEX?

By jp4,

Written by Claire Bashford

If you’d allow me to offer you one piece of advice it would be to show up! Show up for yourself by being your own advocate, show up and give it your all, show up even if it scares you and show up being unapologetically your wonderful, unique self!

If opportunities arise where you can do all these things, be there with bells on! For those finishing your studies you might be dreaming of cutting loose, exhaling, and reaching the finish line, but don’t rush off without taking your place at GradEX.

GradEX is your chance to bask in the moment, celebrate and showcase your achievements and see where the connections you can make through this experience can take you. If Graduation is your time on the podium, and your time at university is the race; then GradEX is that moment after you’ve crossed the line, you’re punching the air, the cameras go off and all the possibilities of your achievement are ahead of you.

You can take part in GradEX online, and select schools take part ONLINE and IN-PERSON. Both offer you the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and graduate employers.

GradEX has truly been a game-changer for many students, with outstanding graduate job offers and work experience opportunities. But for all involved, it’s the chance to grow your professional network by making connections and articulate the skills and knowledge that you’ve gained throughout your time at university which is a crucial skill in itself.

The online portal, which is viewed worldwide and is shared with all university contacts, remains open throughout summer to maximise the window of opportunity. The on-campus festivities which include showcases, prizes, celebration events and prize giving’s are a real uplifting moment for all involved; be that students, staff, guests, employers, or family. We really are proud to see how far our students come, proud of the work they’ve produced, their achievements and the experiences they’ve had; but most of all, we are immensely proud of the fact that they grasped the opportunity and honoured their journey by showing up!

To find out more information about GradEX23 and how to take part visit, the online GradEX23 portal opens on 2nd May and closes 30th May for student submissions. In person GradEX23 begins week commencing 5th June.

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