Employability Week – Calling all DTA students

By jp4,

Written by Wil Lewis

Looking for jobs after finishing your degree; or even coming to the end of your degree; can be difficult and yes, with how the past year has been it may even seem impossible. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and employers are hiring graduates more than ever! There are endless jobs to suit almost every degree classification and that’s no joke. You want to be a nurse, there’s a job. A web engineer? There’s a job for you. A consultant? There’s a job out there!
Don’t let despair and anxiety run your life because it won’t make job hunting any easier. Instead, take that despair and hopelessness and tell it you don’t get to make me feel worthless’ and keep at it! Keep searching for your dream job, keep doing what you do best and that’s not quitting!

Here is a starter for you to get you motivated…









Above are just a taste of what jobs that are on offer for you to apply for! There are so many opportunities – no matter how big or small they may be – for you to apply for. You just need to know where to look. So, there are a few options! First – take a look at graduate job sites such as gradcracker.com or prospects.ac.uk. With these sites, there are a whole host of job opportunities that will keep you busy for days to come. Secondly, use the careers studio! Just give us an email or book yourself into an appointment time that suits you. We can help with almost anything, ranging from looking at your CV through to mock interview scenarios to make sure you ACE it when the real interview rolls around.  

There are endless opportunities for you to apply for and if you still feel stuck, a great place to start searching is the Careers Studio website, where you will find hundreds of jobs to apply for. Why wait? Start applying for jobs today and get that job you’ve always wanted!

To speak to one of our Career Coaches get in touch: 

Email: careers@staffs.ac.uk 

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Career Chat: https://www.staffs.ac.uk/students/careers/careers-studio/chat-to-our-careers-coaches