The NHS Advantage: Five Motivating Factors to Embrace a Career in Healthcare

By jp4,

This is a guest post by Rosemarie Gabinete Garganta from WikiJob – THANK YOU Rosemarie.

There are plenty of compelling reasons why international medical graduates (IMG) choose to pursue a career in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). Healthcare professionals have the freedom to work anywhere around the globe and enjoy a fulfilling career, but why choose the NHS?

Considering their career opportunities worldwide, it is interesting how the NHS has managed to compel talented healthcare professionals to work for them. Established in the UK in 1948, the NHS was founded with the firm belief that good healthcare should be available to all – regardless of their wealth. As of April 2023, the NHS employs over 1.27 million full-time staff.

But why should you consider joining the NHS? Here are five reasons why pursuing an NHS career can be a stellar move:

Reason #1: Universal Healthcare

Only select countries offer universal healthcare. Fortunately, the UK is one of them. Healthcare professionals working in the NHS have the unique and fulfilling experience of being of service to a diverse spectrum of patients from all walks of life.

Moreover, IMGs working for the NHS are automatically exempted from the Immigration Health Surcharge. This privilege extends to their dependents.

Reason #2: Job Satisfaction

Working in the healthcare sector empowers individuals to impact and transform people’s lives positively. The NHS is rooted in universality, free access, central funding, and equitable distribution of healthcare resources. Thus, healthcare professionals employed in the NHS have the extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in many people’s lives.

Reason #3: Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

The UK is a proud multicultural society, and the NHS exemplifies diversity. The UK Parliament recently released a report revealing that one out of five staff in the NHS are not UK nationals. Nearly 20% of the NHS’s total workforce are of non-British nationalities. This diversity permits those employed in the NHS to work with talented professionals from around the globe.

Reason #4: Exceptional Care

The NHS is globally renowned for offering outstanding patient care and maintaining high medical standards. This institution prides itself in providing comprehensive healthcare services and equitable treatment for all patients.

A role in the NHS would demonstrate a person’s professionalism, skillset, and credibility. Working for the NHS can open many career opportunities in the medical field worldwide.

Reason #5: Generous Compensation

Working in the healthcare sector offers professionals plenty of perks, and according to the NHS website, the NHS offers its staff a fair and transparent pay structure with flexible and competitive benefits. Those employed in the NHS enjoy one of the most generous pension schemes in the UK.

Moreover, NHS employees have exclusive access to NHS discount schemes. Not only does the NHS provide excellent care to its patients, but the institution also ensures that its people are well cared for.

These are only five of the compelling reasons why pursuing a career in the NHS can be a fulfilling move. The NHS should be on your list if you’re looking for a world-class job opportunity.

This is a guest post by Rosemarie Gabinete Garganta from WikiJob.