Staying Motivated During The Search For Career Opportunities

By Amber,

Written by Megan

Searching for jobs can be a difficult task, regardless of whether this is for part-time work, placement opportunities or graduate opportunities. Sometimes the task of this can come across as time consuming with all the different applications to fill in, disappointing if you don’t land the role you were hoping for, and overall, just very demotivating.

So, what can we do to combat this feeling?

Here at the Career Studio, we recommend keeping your end goal in mind! After all, the amount of hard work that you put in is to reach what made you want to pursue this career in the first place. To do this, there are a few points to keep in mind whilst on your journey:

Set yourself an in-between goal: This can be as big or as small as you like. The aim is to give yourself something to work towards when your end goal seems too far away or not possible just yet. If you do set yourself a big goal, think of little steps that you can take to work towards this. This can be something as small as creating a draft CV, outlining a list of companies you may potentially want to work for, or making an appointment with the Career Studio to discuss what options you may have.

Keep track of steps you have completed, and those that are still on your to-do list: By doing this, you can be super organized and it will make seeing how much you have accomplished that much easier, and if you can do those, you can easily do the others. After completing these tasks, reward yourself! This will help with a sense of achievement, which will further motivate you to do more.

Listen to podcasts, read articles and follow other news related to your industry: This will help keep you passionate about your future career, and can also provide good conversational topics for you to discuss whilst networking on LinkedIn and Twitter, or when you reach interview stage.

Think about what you will need for the application process: Things such as a CV, cover letter, a professional LinkedIn and Twitter account play a huge role in looking and applying for jobs, so make sure these are all up to date and to a great standard. Unsure of how to do this? The Career Studio is here for you to provide advice and help you feel more confident – email us at

Alternatively, you can go to MyCareer to book your appointment:

The road may seem long but keeping these points in mind will get you there in the end if you just keep going!