12 Steps to Career Success & Placement and Work-Related Learning Week

By Gemma McCann,

Written by Siobhan Hammond

12 Steps to Career Success

What is it?

The 12 Steps to Success programme will provide you with an opportunity to attend face-to-face and digital workshops covering key employability themes to enhance your career confidence and readiness. The programme will be led by our experienced career experts who will provide an overview, along with individualised support on the employability skills that are required by all industries.

When is it?

13th February – 1st May 2023

Why should you do it?

This is an amazing opportunity to boost your employability, gaining knowledge about every point in the process of job searching and progressing in your career. By following the ’12 Steps’ you will gain valuable knowledge about how to create the perfect CV and application, interview tips and preparation, networking and entrepreneurship. Whatever your situation, you can benefit from this course, so sign up now!

Ready to sign up?

The 12 Steps to Career Success brochure will have links to each session both in-person and online.

Scan the QR code or log in to the Career Connect Portal for more information.

Placement and Work-Related Learning Week

What is it?

As of February 2023, the Career Connect team will be launching a Placement and Work-Related Learning activity week for all Staffordshire University students. This will include all students from UK and International Partner Institutions.

The aim of the programme is to provide inclusive workshops to enhance the benefits of gaining work experience as part of any degree. Each workshop will be delivered by members of Career Connect, School Placement teams and the SU Global team, with the aim of encouraging students to search, find and apply for placement opportunities.

Students will be able to access a wide range of information to support them throughout their entire placement journey by signing up to the workshops listed below.

For students who have been unable to access the initial Placement and Work-Related Learning week, follow-up sessions and recapping sessions will be conducted over the 5 weeks after the activity week. Students will also have the opportunity to book an appointment with one of our career’s advisors following each session for more individualised support.

When is it?

13th – 17th February


Introduction to Placements: 

Monday 13th February | 11am- 2pm | LW032 Ashley

Finding Placements:

Tuesday 14th February | 11am- 2pm | LT012 Ashley

Placement Drop In Clinic:

Wednesday 15th February | 11am- 2pm | T101 Beacon

Interview Preparation:

Thursday 16th February | 11am- 2pm | R101 Science Centre

Employer Talks:

Friday 17th February | 11am- 2pm | Catalyst Learning Market

Why should you do it?

Having prior experience in an industry gives you the edge against competitors when applying for a job.

Placements are vital in assisting you with work-based experience, and can help you to navigate the different settings that you enjoy working in.

This is not only voluntary, there are also paid placements on offer where you can earn while you learn.

Develop your skills and gain the edge with placements on your CV, and networking opportunities with industry professionals.

Ready to sign up?

Scan the QR code or log in to the Career Connect Portal for more information.