Dean Northfield

Lecturer in Forensic Investigation


Dean was a practitioner who has worked for West Yorkshire Police as a VIPER Officer (2 Years) then an Imaging Officer (6 years) eventually progressing to Senior Imaging Officer.

Dean then finished his time within the West Yorkshire Police’s Forensic Multimedia Unit.

He began working part time for Staffordshire University in 2011 then eventually leaving the Police and joining the University as a lecturer and HEIF project lead in 2012.

Dean has many years of real world and case experience having been involved in a number of interesting and high profile cases including Op Paris (Kidnap Shannon Mathews) Op Pinstripe (Bradford Crossbow Cannibal) as well a working for external agencies such as SOCA (Serious and Organised Crime Agency) on large scale drug importations (Operation Chaplin and Operation Dearly) among many others.


Aron, J., and Northfield, D. (2012) AR goggles make crime scene investigation a desk job. New Scientist – AR Goggle make crime scene investigation a desk job, 2849.


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