Digital Holocaust Memory Online Discussion

With Dr. Carmelle Stephens, Professor Caroline Sturdy Colls, Dr. Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann, Dr. Tomasz Łysak, Dr. Victoria Grace Walden and Imogen Dalziel

Wednesday 15th July 13:30-15:00 British Summer Time

Digital technologies are increasingly used to remember, research and teach about the Holocaust. In this online discussion, an international and interdisciplinary panel of academics working with and on digital media in different ways will introduce the significance of technology to their research and together will explore some of the key debates about using digital Holocaust memory.

  • What do we mean by digital Holocaust memory? What does this term encapsulate? Is it too vague?
  • To what extent are digital technologies being used simply to remediate other media forms and logics, historically used for Holocaust memory?
  • What are the limitations or challenges of specific digital platforms, tools and technologies?
  • Should we be concerned about introducing digital technology into Holocaust memory?
  • To what extent can digital technologies transform how we do Holocaust memory, research and education?

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