Kevin Colls

Associate Professor of Archaeology, BSc, MSc, MCIFA


Kevin Colls is an Associate Professor of Archaeology working for the Centre of Archaeology at Staffordshire University and the lead Archaeological Project Manager. Kevin has directed and published archaeological projects throughout the United Kingdom and Europe and holds 20 years’ experience in research and professional development-led archaeology. His specialist subjects include archaeological field techniques, urban archaeology and forensic archaeology.

Kevin’s project portfolio includes major archaeological excavations in many of the UK’s urban centres including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol, archaeological survey and remote sensing on Scottish Islands, and rural archaeological surveys in central Greece.

Of his current projects, the highest profile is the prestigious ‘Dig for Shakespeare’ Project in Stratford upon Avon. This globally important project focuses upon the excavation of the final residence of William Shakespeare (called New Place) and the house in which the Bard passed away. This project, and his work on the Scottish Islands, have led to two high profile appearances on television programmes for the BBC (Digging for Britain BBC2, and BBC Alba in Scotland) and the site was the focus of an hour-long Time Team special in 2012 (Channel 4). More recently, he has also been involved in an investigation of Shakespeare’s Tomb using a wide range of advanced non-invasive survey methods and this research was the subject of a major Channel 4 documentary (Shakespeare’s Tomb).

For the past eight years, Kevin has also worked closely with his wife (Professor Caroline Sturdy Colls) on a number of forensic research projects throughout Europe, including the aforementioned projects at Treblinka, Alderney and Staro Sajmiste. He is an active member of the Recording Cultural Genocide and Killing Sites in Jewish Cemeteries and Accessing Campscapes: Inclusive Strategies for Using European Conflicted Heritage projects, bringing his expertise in project management, archaeological field survey and the application of innovative non-invasive techniques to this research. He has also worked with numerous police forces as an external consultant associated with the search for buried human remains and is currently managing a diverse portfolio of major research and commercial projects. Kevin is currently undertaking a PhD which is investigating the archaeological remains on the Isle of Harris, the Western Isles of Scotland, and has research projects focused on Island Archaeology, the archaeology of Shakespeare and the archaeological of Alderney in the Channel Islands.

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (MIFA)
  • Committee member of the Archaeology and Shakespeare Research Advisory Board
  • Member of Hebridean Archaeology Forum

Research interests

  • Hybrid search and survey methodologies
  • Advances in archaeological field practice
  • Forensic Archaeology – the search for, and recovery of, clandestine burials
  • Island Archaeology

Working with the Media

Areas specialised in:

  • General archaeology in the UK
  • Forensic Archaeology – in particular, the search and recovery of buried remains
  • The archaeology of Shakespeare

Previous Media Experience:

  • Digging for Britain. World War Two Special. December 2018
  • Adolf Island. Smithsonian Channel. May 2018
  • Secret History: Shakespeare’s Tomb, Channel 4. Televised March 2016.
  • Time Team special. Unearthing Shakespeare. Televised March 2012
  • Radio 4 interview regarding work in Poland. Aired Jan 2012
  • ‘Digging for Britain series 2’ 360 Productions presented by Alice Roberts. The Vikings Episode to feature excavations in the Hebrides, 2011. BBC 2
  • Joint lecture with Michael Wood – Stratford Upon Avon Winter School, Jan 2011
  • ‘Digging for Britain series 1’. 360 Productions presented by Alice Roberts. Episode 4 ‘The Tudors’ featured Dig for Shakespeare. BBC2
  • ‘Sacred Soil’ Featured Colls, Harris excavations. BBC ALBA
  • ‘Midlands Today’ March 2010 – Dig for Shakespeare
  • Buzz Magazine (123) front cover and article. University of Birmingham
  • Newspaper articles and references in 2010 includes the Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, Birmingham Mail, the Coventry Echo, Stratford Herald, Stratford Observer, Stornoway Gazette
  • Radio interviews for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, BRMB
  • Filming for ‘Inside out’ documentary for the Dig for Shakespeare Project. Midlands Today



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